Kenneth L. Bryant, PhD

Kenneth Bryant was chairman of the Department of Modern Languages at Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma for eleven years. His experience with the Spanish language began early in his life. He lived in Guatemala from ages eight to sixteen, and lived in Mexico for another two years. He has a M.A. in Romance Languages and Literature from the University of Michigan and a PhD in Administration of Higher Education from Boston College.

The idea of the verb wheels began in the 1980s when computers were beginning to be applied to problems in the humanities. Without the graphic and organizational powers of the computer it would have been impossible to put these verb wheels together.

More recently he has developed software for school management. In 1997 he developed the Univisor, a computer-aided academic advising system and online enrollment package which takes a narrative approach to describing curriculum, rather than the usual table-driven approaches in the market today. This approach allows precision and flexibility in describing graduation requirements, course prerequisites, and other graduation tasks in an highly individualized style that enables students to make informed decisions at each juncture of their academic pursuits.