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Spanish Dial-A-Verb Wheels

The Dial-A-Verb wheels begin to be especially useful when learning the second or third tense. Without this aid, all of the tenses begin to run together in a student's mind. These wheels are especially helpful for developing a sense of order in the total verb system.

The model verbs are cross-referenced so that the “5000” and “8000” models can be used together in the same classroom.

Spanish Dial-a-Verb 5000 (simplified)
  • For beginning and intermediate students who are not planning advanced studies in Spanish.
  • Models all verbs found in typical elementary and intermediate textbooks.
Spanish Dial-a-Verb 8000 (advanced)
  • For any student who plans to take advanced Spanish.
  • Enables any student to conjugate any verb in any person of any tense in the entire language.

Free online interactive Spanish Verb Conjugator

This resource helps students grow with each successive new tense or irregularity that is being introduced in class. The instructor can click on the "Teacher" button and create a link for the course syllabus. The teacher page can create a link that controls how much new information the student sees when arriving at the site.

What are users saying?

From J. Hoyt: “I got one of these in high school and used it to write papers (because it was so much faster to look up verb conjugations that I was unsure of on the wheel than in a book). Before long, I had noticed patterns in how verbs worked that I had never noticed learning one tense at a time in class. Eventually I stopped needing the wheel, a book or any verb conjugation support at all, right up through grad school -- and I credit my self-sufficiency with verb forms to this wheel.”

From a professor of Hispanic Linguistics: “These verb wheels are a monument to organization and conciseness. They are much easier to use than the N Spanish Verbs Fully Conjugated books. I intend to recommend that my beginning and advanced students order the appropriate wheel. Thank you for making such a fine product available to foreign-language instructors.”

From a parent: “I like my 8000 so well that I wish to order one for my son Jim. Please mail to him, but send all financial papers to me.”

From a high school teacher: “Thanks — We love them!”

From a professor at a community college: “My former students have told my current students how useful the Dial-A-Verb wheels have been, and they have become cherished family 'heirlooms,' being handed down from one sibling to another. They also continue to be of use to my former AP students who have pursued Spanish in college.”

From a traveler: “I have wanted to drop you a note for awhile to express my appreciation for Dial-A-Verb, which over a three-year period accompanied me to both Central America and later South America, making me the envy of all gringos of the latin world.... I am recently married to a Chilean woman who is just beginning her English studies. Where is the English version for Spanish speakers!!! Please rush me one when complete.... Thanks for your useful product!”

From a university professor: “I always suggest this verb wheel as an optional course material to my students. I find that some students initially think that they won't need to rely on their brain if they have the wheel, though. For some, it's a good and reliable aid. It really depends on the individual. It's a VERY clever device.”

From a university professor: “You know, I have heard about verb wheels for a long time, but have never been able to find one, either at bookstores or teacher supply stores. Neither could figure out where to order it. As you know, a simple search, 'verb wheel' found you and exactly what I was looking for.”

From Marie: “The wheel is an ingenious way of delivering an enormous amount of information in a little space. It took a while to learn how to work the wheel, and I'm still learning. I think for my purposes, I should have gotten the simpler version. Still, the wheel provides all it claims and is an excellent resource. I would definitely recommend it.”

From a foreign language tutor: “I just really wanted to say thank you for your dynamo product! I used this same verb wheel when I was in high school and now I am recommending it to the students I tutor. It is truly invaluable!
Thank you
Thank you

From a high school teacher: “I would just like to thank you very much for sending me information about these two items. They are great and so thorough! I'm sure you won't mind, but I have taken the liberty of forwarding the information to some of my peers and of course to my students. Several students have already responded and expressed their gratefulness.”

From an instructor at a technical institute: “I remember Dial-A-Verb from years ago and have one, and I just started this fall having our bookstore buy it and offer it as optional for our Spanish students. So, thanks for the memo, I will save it for ordering info but we already have it. A very handy tool! Good luck.”

From a high school teacher: “I have in the past and I am in the present requesting students buy one of these Verb Wheels, especially if they are going to continue their Spanish studies beyond high school. It's a great tool especially for the upper levels of Spanish such as the AP Spanish classes.”

From a high school teacher: “First of all, I love your verb conjugator website; it is a very useful tool! Secondly — and I should have asked this favor before I did it — am I permitted to supply a link to your conjugator website, for my students, on our EdLine class website? I wasn't sure of the legalities of it all, but if I am not permitted, I will take it off immediately. Thank you for your time, and keep up the good work of educating!”

From a student: “Thank you so much for putting this conjugator online for public use! This helped me a ton with a Spanish paper I was writing.”

From a high school teacher: “What a unique product you have created in your Dial-A-Verb! Very handy!”

From a foreign language textbook author: “Thank you so much for your comments about my webpages.... What a super field we are in, foreign languages.... I'll be looking at your brilliant website often. Thank you for the Verb Wheel 8000. It is brilliantly designed.”